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frequently asked questions

Tell me more about your money-back guarantee ?

It’s simple. If you are not satisfied within the first 15 to 30 minutes, you simply let me know and You Don’t Have To Pay At All. No questions asked. I would, however, appreciate any feedback so I can work on it to improve myself.

How many minutes is One Session ?

Any session between 0 and 60 minutes will be treated as One Hour Session. Sessions between 60 and 90 minutes will be treated as 90 minutes sessions, those between 90 and 120 minutes will be treated as 2 Hour sessions.

Why Choose me?

I take a very customized approach that is tailored to the needs of the students. I, first, assess my students to identify their strengths and areas of improvement. Then I make lesson plans that cater to those areas. Most students tell me, that their past experiences with other tutoring services haven’t been very effective because they were taught the topics using simple examples, that looked nothing like the actual problems on the homework, quizzes, and exams. They felt that there was a big gap between the simple examples used to introduce the topic and the actual homework and exam problems. To bridge this gap, I use simple and basic examples to introduce the subject matter but then move on to working actual Homework Problems with them, building a layer of complexity, one at a time so they know how to solve the more challenging problems seen on Homework Assignments and quizzes on their own. By the time we are done with the chapter, the students would have learned enough techniques and methods that would help them to do the challenging problems seen on homework assignments, quizzes and exams.

Where do I Tutor?

I used to tutor at a public library, but ever since Covid-19, I tutor only Online. I use an Online Interactive Whiteboard with a variety of built-in Math tools and the sessions have been very effective. Besides, I must agree it is very convenient and I am beginning to like this more than I thought I would.

What is your schedule like?

My online schedule is very flexible and I would appreciate if you could give me a day’s notice to schedule a session. However, do check with me for short notices as I might be able to accommodate them based on appointments on that day.

Best time to reach me?

Although, you can call me anytime, it is best to leave me a text message or send me an email. I usually don’t answer calls when I am in the middle of a tutoring session. So, if you try calling me and I don’t pick up, then please leave me a voicemail or a text message. Although a text message is preferable over voicemail since I check my texts instantly and am more likely to respond to them right away

Do you offer group tutoring sessions?

In my experience, I have found group sessions to be ineffective because different students have different learning styles and a different level of understanding of the concepts. I always provide One-to-One Tutoring.

How much do you charge per hour?

I charge $30 per hour. My price is fixed regardless of the number sessions you take with me.

My mode of payment?

As of now, I accept payments in Cash or Venmo. Ask me for my Venmo Id during the session.

Let’s make studying fun!

I get a lot of students who love my individualized approach and they tell me that they were totally lost in the big-name expensive courses. Due to my experience, I can instinctively figure out a lot about my students’ weaknesses and rebuild their Fundamentals.I can teach you a lot of Mental Math Techniques which are not in any book.