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Mathematics is one subject considered tough, boring, and uninteresting by students worldwide

Most kids, youngsters, or even Adults are not happy when it comes to Mathematics. The problem becomes worse when you start having anxiety, fear, sleepless nights … so on before the exam day… So much so that you skip the exam or change the subject for the next semester thereby leaving your dream unfulfilled and unrealized

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With my experience as a student where I use to score 100 % most of the time and then as a Tutor, where I have taught thousands of students ace their Math Exams with absolute confidence. I am going to share 10 points which have helped me both as a Student and sometimes as a Tutor as well. So, Here we go…

  • Choose a place free of any distractions and disturbances.
  • Be consistent. Studying for a day or two and relaxing for more than those many days is going to take you off the track and you will be back to where you started from.
  • While Studying, study an entire lesson or chapter in one sitting (of course with breaks).
  • Start solving the problems mentioned by the Author of the book and look for alternate or extra books by other Authors so you have a grasp on the topic
  • Before starting the day with the new Lesson or Chapter, Always make sure you revise the ones that you learned the previous day.
  • Make a list of all the formulae and equations for your quick reference. Pin them on a wall while marking them bold and with big sized numbers.
  • When you feel tired, stressed, or sleepy…. Take a short break…Trying to avoid these emotions and conditions is not going to help you much.
  • Always go through the lesson or chapter even before it is taught in the class and even if you don’t understand much. Trust me, this technique helps you understand subjects right in the class.
  • Never skip a problem, Always go for the tougher ones first, this way you get the confidence to handle the rest of the lesson or chapter.
  • Never memorize mathematical solutions. Formulas a big YES, but not the entire solution. Understand the problem and the solution both, this way, no matter how the question is spun, you will be in a position to solve it.

Bonus Point: Be Happy and Have a smile while trying to study Math especially. A fearful, worried and stressed mind will not let you do things the way you want them.