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I get a lot of students who love this individualized approach and they tell me that they were totally lost in the big-name expensive courses. Due to my experience, I can instinctively figure out a lot about my students’ weaknesses and rebuild their fundamentals.I can teach you a lot of mental math techniques which are not in any book.

“I’m really pleased with Max. He is very patient and has experience. My son loves to study with him. Thanks to Max, my son got into UT.”

Rebecca W

“Max not only improved my math skills, he made everything drastically simple. With just a single tutoring session I believe he has made mathematics easier for me to understand overall.”

Carlos Garza

“Max should be replicated to increase the Math level of students in this country. My daughter thinks he is the best tutor ever.”


“I’ve only had two lessons with Max, I can honestly say I’ve learned so much. Not only did he help me discover my weaknesses but also taught me many tricks and techniques to solve various different math problems. He’s patient and dedicated to making sure you fully understand the problem. I highly recommended Manny to anyone struggling with math.”


“I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet and work with Max. quickly took me under his wing and helped me with academic issues I never even knew I had such as a lack of a better understanding in basic algebra and severe test anxiety. He identified these issues and focused on improving them before helping me improve my higher-level math skills. He was very patient with me and if I didn’t understand something, he didn’t make me feel inferior but instead found another way to explain it and didn’t move on until I was comfortable. Hire him, you won’t regret it. “


College Algebra, Calculus or Entire Math, What Troubles You?

I understand school can be a drag sometimes. You work hard but end up getting frustrated with classes, especially when your teachers are unable to explain the concepts with the required degree of clarity to you. Like most subjects, Math has a love-hate relationship. You will love it if you get it and you will hate it if you don’t. Well, I am here to tilt the balance of the Love-Hate scale more towards the Love side. That is my intention when I work with you, and I will do everything that I possibly can to make that happen.

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